Quickbox Sampling Policy


As part of our customer service, we give customers the opportunity to receive a sample of the box that they are interested in placing an order for. This allows potential customers to see how their box looks and ensure it is the right fit and strength for their product before placing a bulk order with us. By providing this service, we hope to relieve our customers of some of the pressure that we know comes with placing an order of higher quantity and price, without being certain that it will suit their product.

Terms & Conditions apply for this system so that we can ensure that our business is profiting from the procedure. The Terms & Conditions are stated below. We advise that any customers who do order a sample of their box should read through these terms to ensure that they do not incur unexpected charges.

The box sample must be purchased at the cost of the single box plus carriage. However, a voucher or discount code for this value (the amount paid for the sample box and carriage) will be sent to the customer. This voucher can then be used if the customer places a full order with us which amounts to £300 or over (this price must exclude carriage costs), at which point the customer will get a full refund for the price of the sample box including carriage. There is no limit to the amount of sample boxes a customer can order using this method.

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