Packaging Tape & Dispensers

Eco-friendly recyclable tape is a great alternative to plastic parcel tape, and is made from renewable Kraft paper rather than plastic. Water solvent, acid-free, and can also withstand cold storage – a perfect allrounder! Here at Quickbox we are really focused on doing our bit for the environment, and wherever there is an opportunity to manufacture an eco-friendly or sustainable alternative, we will find it. The great thing about this recyclable tape is that quality is not compromised in any way – the tape is still strong and the adhesive tacky, so no need to worry that your parcel will come undone during transit.

Contact our team for more information on the bespoke printing options for custom parcel tape. If you are switching to eco-friendly packaging then why not switch to eco-friendly tape at the same time! The recyclable tape is fully degradable and doesn’t need to be removed when used boxes are recycled! We are just as committed as you are to source and deliver eco-friendly packaging, and this tape forms only a small part of our eco-friendly range. Get in touch today for more details about our range of recyclable packaging products.