Indoor Recycling Bins - Quickbin

The new Quickbin range of indoor recycling bins and containers are ideal to keep your office space nice and tidy. You can easily separate your plastics from your cardboard and more. We have even designed a general waste bin which is easy to assemble and is made from 80% recycled content. When you are done with it you can simply pop it into the recycling.

Each indoor recycling bin measures 330mm x 310mm x 620mm so is large enough to hold a substantial amount of waste, but not too big that they take up lots of space. Feel free to contact us if you would like any more information on these indoor recycling bins.

Our indoor recycling bins are low-maintenance and really easy to use. With clear graphics displayed on the front, this helps to correctly dispose of the correct product, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Make it easy for your staff to keep the office tidy with our Quickbin range. They also help to show your clients and staff that you are serious about making changes within your business to help the environment.

With a number of different designs, tailored to the object you are recycling, our indoor recycling bins will help to compliment your company recycling policies. Recycling bins are becoming increasingly common in public areas, so why not introduce them into the workplace too? We all need to do our bit to change the workplace into a pleasant, litter-free environment. Less clutter = increased productivity after all!

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