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Printed Cardboard Boxes

Printed cardboard boxes are a great opportunity for businesses to stand out from their competitors and show their customers they have something different to offer. Printed boxes can also help to increase brand awareness, therefore they are a great marketing opportunity. At quickbox we have the manufacturing capability to produce up to four colour printed cardboard boxes in almost any shade.

Printed cardboard box with printed logo

Logo print box

£5.93 per box 1

A one colour logo print, like the one shown on the large printed box above, is one of the most popular print options. The simplicity of this style is very effective in emphasising the brand, as black print on brown board provides a great contrast. We are not limited to black print however, so choose which colour works best for your brand.

Full colour, full coverage printed cardboard box with white logo

Full print pizza-style box

£POA 2

For maximum impact why not get your boxes fully printed, to help make your products memorable. We are able to print up to four colours at once, so the options are nealy endless. For this option we reccomend printing onto white board to ensure a high quality print.

Printed cardboard box with logo wallpaper print

Wallpaper print box

£3.87 per box3

Wallpaper prints can be as impactful as full colour prints. Repeating patterns or logos help to fill the blank space on your box, similar to the way colour does on fully printed boxes. The difference is that for businesses who have a monochromatic palette, there is still the option for high impact printing.

Die-cut printed cardboard box in white board with printed logo

Logo print die-cut

£2.50 per box 4

Die-cut boxes offer the biggest range of options in terms of style, and also print. The example above is an 0427 style (pizza-style) box, with external print. This makes a great first impression on the customer. Another option which improves the opening experience for your customer is to print the boxes interior. This will make your product stand out inside.

1 This price is based on an 0201 – 1200 x 400 x 800 mm 125 KTBC

2 POA due to specialist board being used

3 This price is based on an 0201 – 700 x 600 x 200 mm 125 KTBC

4 This price is based on a die-cut box – 310 x 310 x 125 mm 200 WKTB

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