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Plant shipping boxes

If you’re needing live plant shipping boxes – look no further – at Quickbox we can manufacture a range of specialist cardboard boxes for a range of industries that includes horticulture.

Packaging plants so that they are delivered in perfect condition can be challenging but cardboard, being highly versatile, is ideal for creating strong containers for shipping live plants.

We can create any style for you, but below are what we find are the most popular.

Die-cut plant shipping box.

Die-Cut boxes

£1.63 per box**

Die-Cut box styles are popular when packaging plants. This method of production uses a pre-formed tool to punch the box shapes from sheets of cardboard, which opens up many more style options. It gives the ability to create boxes with a tuck in lid, or a lid with tuck in tabs like the the image above, and many more variations! Die-cut boxes normally offer a much better unpacking experience for the customer and the first impression lasts!

To order a die-cut box, get in touch and we will advise further.

0201 standard style plant shipping box with handholes.

Standard 0201 box

£0.81 per box*

The standard 0201 box with flaps that ‘meet in the middle’ is the most common style. This strong box style can be used to package almost anything, from smaller potted plants to something quite large like a tree. To add strength and extra layers of protection to the bottom of the box, fully overlapping flaps are a great addition. For larger quantities of shorter plants or perhaps a gift set, the box and lid can be great.

For a standard 0201 box, add your dimensions to our instant box quote and select box type ‘0201 Standard Carton’

Cardboard tray plant shipping box.

Cardboard Tray

£0.77 per box*

Trays are ideal for transporting large quantities of smaller plants, or even just for storing them. There are a couple of styles available with the 0200 Open Top Carton being the most common. This is a standard box style but without the top flaps, so it still gives plants the best access to light and oxygen whilst making them much easier to carry. We can also add handholes to make this even easier. The die-cut versions of these trays tend to have ‘clip-in’ sides which give added strength, as shown in the image above.

For a cardboard tray,  add your dimensions to our instant box quote and select box type ‘0452 Tray’

Telescopic cardboard plant shipping box.

Telescopic Box

£0.98 per box*

There’s nothing that varies in size more than plants. This means that the 0320 Telescopic Box is often ideal when it comes to packaging them. The two halves slide over each other which allows the box to be adjusted to fit the exact plant size. This offers the best protection and saves space during delivery. The advantage of a one size fits all solution is the ability to purchase larger quantities of boxes. Therefore the price per box can improve, without sacrificing the safety of your plant.

For a telescopic box, add your dimensions to our instant box quote and select box type ‘0320 Telescopic Carton’

Need Bespoke Plant Shipping Boxes?

Living plants are so unique the options for shipping boxes are not limited to these, call us on 01472 868047 or contact us  discuss your specific requirements and our designers will help you create your perfect cardboard box. Read our blog to learn more

*All prices are subject to your requirements. This shows the price of a 300 x 250 x 200mm box in 125 KTB and at the lowest price break quantity. Any extra’s such as handholes will be an additional cost.

**As above, however, there will be an additional one-time set-up cost. Any extra fittings are not included in the price.


The board grade you decide to use for your box will depend on the product you are packing. We supply single wall and double wall board in several different grades if you are not sure what grade is right for you, please contact the team to discuss your needs.


We supply our plant shipping boxes in a collapsed format and are very easy to assemble. Our fast lead times mean that you can have your pallet boxes within a week of ordering them.

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