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  • Which box style would work best?

    Here are some popular FEFCO / ESBO carton styles to give you a starting point in making
    your decision on which box style is best for you:

    • 0201 / 0203 – standard cardboard box – suitable for anything
    • 0300 – flat items
    • 0320 – Items with varying heights / heavy items
    • 0409 – flat items
    • 0411 – flat items
  • Can you provide box samples?

    The box sample must be purchased at the cost of the single box plus carriage. However, a voucher or discount code for this value (the amount paid for the sample box and carriage) will be sent to the customer. This voucher can then be used if the customer places a full order with us which amounts to £300 or over (this price must exclude carriage costs), at which point the customer will get a full refund for the price of the sample box including carriage. There is no limit to the amount of sample boxes a customer can order using this method.

  • Do you have a minimum box order quantity?

    We can produce just one box, to several thousand!
    Please note that the lower the quantity of boxes, the higher the price will be per box. This price increase is especially noticeable when you are looking to buy a single box, as we must cover the set-up costs for manufacturing the box.

  • What material is best for my boxes?

    Single Wall boxes are constructed using one layer of fluting. They are the most commonly used boxes for ecommerce shipping packaging, as they are a cheaper alternative to double wall yet still provide rigidity and cushioned protection required of a shipping carton.

    Double Wall boxes are constructed with two layers of fluting, which provides a greater strength over the double wall, making them the perfect choice for heavier items or items which require a higher level of potection. The increase rigidity over the single wall, makes double wall te ideal choice for utilising in long term storage. We recommend to our customers to use double wall when shipping heavy items or for long term storage.

  • Can you make me a bespoke size mailer box?

    Yes, absolutely! We can make most boxes – however these styles require a DIE CUT tool which has a one off cost of around £200. We can provide samples of these and we can also print on any bespoke mailer boxes. If you cannot see the style you require on our website, please contact us on!
  • How do I place an order for boxes?

    You can place your order online or contact us via email or telephone to place an order, please email orders to or call 01469310041

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