You can place your order online or contact us via email or telephone to place an order, please email orders to or call 01469310041

This is what makes Quickbox stand out from other box manufacturers, we have no minimum order quantity! We believe that all companies, no matter how big or small should be able to send their product out in the right size box.

Yes, absolutely! We can make most boxes – however these styles require a DIE CUT tool which has a one off cost of around £200. We can provide samples of these and we can also print on any bespoke mailer boxes. If you cannot see the style you require on our website, please contact us on!

We can provide samples, we have a sampling policy which you can view here

We charge for 1x box and this is then deducted from your subsequent order

Single Wall boxes are constructed using one layer of fluting. They are the most commonly used boxes for ecommerce shipping packaging, as they are a cheaper alternative to double wall yet still provide rigidity and cushioned protection required of a shipping carton.

Double Wall boxes are constructed with two layers of fluting, which provides a greater strength over the double wall, making them the perfect choice for heavier items or items which require a higher level of potection. The increase rigidity over the single wall, makes double wall te ideal choice for utilising in long term storage. We recommend to our customers to use double wall when shipping heavy items or for long term storage.

0427/0426 – these are used for mailer or presentation purposes, these are mainly used for people who do not want their box to look like transit packaging.

0411/0409 – These are idea for flat items such as canvas prints or headboards. These do require taping at the top and bottom.

0300 – These are our tray and lid style boxes, they are commonly used for shallow products such as flat packed furniture. Please note these will require stapling or taping at the corners.

0200 – This is regular case with closing flaps at one end only, these boxes are good for storage and can also be used in conjuction with other boxes.

0201 – This is our standard and most popular box. It can be used for a variety of things such as storage or moving objects from one place to another.

0320 – This is a telescopic box, basically made up of two 0200’s with slightly different lengths and widths. These are often used for more than one sized product.

PAD – This is a single sheet of cardboard, many of our customers use these as dividers within their boxes.

Lightweight uses a 125gsm inner and outer line, heavyweight uses a 200gsm