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Introducing Clint’s Corner! With nearly 40 years in the box industry there isn’t much Clint Hall doesn’t know about boxes! In addition, Clint also likes to feel like he has his own space so we created his very own corner. After much discussion and persuasion he has finally agreed to share his box knowledge. Over the next few weeks we will be adding videos to this page showcasing insights into the ins and outs of corrugated packaging. If there is a subject you would like Clint to cover please get in touch and we will do our best to incorporate it.

Episode 1 – Big Box Criteria

Clint’s back, and in this weeks episode he discusses the criteria you should consider when choosing a large cardboad box 📦

Episode 2 – Large, Standard Boxes

In this episode, Clint highlights some of the box styles we can run through our cut crease machine without any additional tooling costs.

Episode 3 – Big , Die-cut Boxes

In this episode Clint explains why big die cut boxes could be the best option for you, as they are not restricted to standard box styles and therefore can be customised completely to your needs.

Episode 4 – Large Printed Boxes

After customising the size and style of the box to perfectly suit your product needs, why not add an eyecatching print to help you stand out from the crowd? 🤩

Episode 5 – Reducing Raw Material Waste

In this episode Clint explains some of the benefits of boxes that fit, using an example of a box we redesigned recently to save on board waste.

Episode 6 – Why Custom Boxes?

In this episode Clint shows how they do make a difference. By choosing a custom box you can avoid using non-recyclable void fill, which can be both costly to buy and is most certainly costly to the environment.🌏

Episode 7 – Reducing breakage

Watch to hear some of Clint’s tips for reducing the chance of transit damage. A simple board upgrade could make the difference, or our design team is always happy to design a box to best suit your product and increase protection, while enhancing the customer opening experience.

Episode 8 – Our new printer 🖨️✨

Its finally arrived🎉 Last week we took delivery of our new digital printer! In this episode Clint explains the benefits of this, and how it’s going to change your boxes for the better😊

Episode 9 – Printing Large Boxes

This week Clint tells us why adding print to your boxes has a big impact in improving your brand appearance and recognition.🤩

Episode 10 – Printed Die Cut Boxes

Upgrade your packaging with custom printed die-cut boxes🤩 This week Clint explains how we can add print to your die-cut boxes, and how this can be beneficial for your brand.


Episode 10201 FEFCO Style

In this episode Clint introduces the 0201 FEFCO box style. He shows how the 0201, 0200 and 0203 are closely linked whilst still having unique properties; making each suited for different products and purposes. 

Episode 2Die Cut Boxes

This week on Clint’s Corner we focus on the die cut 0426 and 0427 FEFCO styles (This time Clint actually explains what FEFCO is!). He also shares an insight into the process of manufacturing a die cut box, and there’s even a guest appearance. 🐶

Episode 3Mystery Guest

Stay tuned to see the first guest star of the series!

This week on Clint’s Corner it’s all about design – you’ll learn the process involved in creating the perfect box for your product.

Episode 4 – Production

On Clint’s Corner this week the focus is on production. Clint explains why our factory set up makes custom, short-run boxes quick and easy!😊 Enjoy watching…we’ll see you next week.

Episode 5- Board Grades

This week Clint’s focus is on board grades. He covers a range of board options, giving examples of the benefits of each. If you aren’t sure which board you need, hopefully he’ll help you decide😊

Episode 6 – Printing Boxes

This week Clint focuses on printed boxes. He explains why printing your packaging can be so impactful, and covers various different printing options.

Episode 7 – Web Shop

This week Clint focuses on our web shop products. He shows the tape and void fill options we have along with some specialist box designs.

Episode 8 – Wraps

This week Clint looks at the different styles of cardboard wraps. Unsure which will work best for your products? Let us know if you need advice😊

Episode 9 – Change

This week Clint shows how Quickbox redesigned a customers packaging range to reduce waste, eliminate non-recyclable void fill, and improve the end user’s opening experience🤩

Episode 10 – Telescopic box

At Quickbox we’ve seen an increase in the number of 0320 (telescopic) box enquiries and orders recently. In this episode Clint shows what an 0320 box is and how easy it is to order through the instant box quote calculator on our website. 

Episode 11 – Die-cut tools

Cutting tool, Forme, Die. Call it what you want, this week Clint gives a closer look at how they are made, and how they transform sheets of cardboard into bespoke boxes🤩

Episode 12 – Customer Service

This week Clint highlights some of the great reviews we have received from customers over the last couple of months and explains how customer service plays such a big part in why Quickbox is unique.

Episode 13 – Why Cardboard?

This week Clint looks at some of the main reasons why you should use cardboard for your packaging. These include: – Its versatility – Can be printed – Recyclable – Short runs – Cost effective

Episode 14 – Meet the Team

Clint’s been wanting to do this for a while…🙊⌛Here’s a little bit about some of the individuals who make up the team at Quickbox. Check out the meet the team page on our website to see the rest of our great team😊

Episode 15 – Pallet Boxes.

This week Clint explains the different pallet box styles that we offer here at Quickbox. Pallet boxes are great for bulky products and offer an environmentally friendly alternative to pallet wrap.

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