Clint’s Corner!

Introducing Clint’s Corner! With nearly 40 years in the box industry there isn’t much Clint Hall doesn’t know about boxes! In addition, Clint also likes to feel like he has his own space so we created his very own corner. After much discussion and persuasion he has finally agreed to share his box knowledge. Over the next few weeks we will be adding videos to this page showcasing insights into the ins and outs of corrugated packaging. If there is a subject you would like Clint to cover please get in touch and we will do our best to incorporate it.

Episode 10201 FEFCO Style

In this episode Clint introduces the 0201 FEFCO box style. He shows how the 0201, 0200 and 0203 are closely linked whilst still having unique properties; making each suited for different products and purposes. 

Episode 2Die Cut Boxes

This week on Clint’s Corner we focus on the die cut 0426 and 0427 FEFCO styles (This time Clint actually explains what FEFCO is!). He also shares an insight into the process of manufacturing a die cut box, and there’s even a guest appearance. 🐶

Episode 3Mystery Guest

Stay tuned to see the first guest star of the series!

This week on Clint’s Corner it’s all about design – you’ll learn the process involved in creating the perfect box for your product.

Episode 4 – Production

On Clint’s Corner this week the focus is on production. Clint explains why our factory set up makes custom, short-run boxes quick and easy!😊 Enjoy watching…we’ll see you next week.

Episode 5- Board Grades

This week Clint’s focus is on board grades. He covers a range of board options, giving examples of the benefits of each. If you aren’t sure which board you need, hopefully he’ll help you decide😊

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