You Wouldn’t Run a Business Without a Sign; Why Let Your Products Travel Incognito?

Companies seem so happy to dedicate time and money to create the perfect brand; choosing a strong company name, designing a great looking logo and agonising over the exact colour shade. They plaster their beautiful new branding on everything; a website, fancy new signs, the side of a van, business stationery, uniforms, pens, umbrellas and even coffee mugs.

Yet, despite their excitement about showing off their fantastic branding, they are still happy to send their products in boring, plain (and often oversized) boxes.

Why be so quick to flaunt your logo everywhere else but so keen to let your products travel in secret? You wouldn’t run a business without a sign so why let your products travel incognito?

At Quickbox, we’re passionate about packaging. We think your products deserve to travel in style, and with good reason. Here are three ways that custom boxes can benefit your business.

Customised boxes are an advertisement

Think about how many people see your box before it even reaches the recipient; sorting office staff, couriers, the neighbours who see it being delivered or the receptionist that signs for it.

Even once it’s reached its destination, your box is still showcasing your brand. How many homes or businesses have you visited where cardboard boxes are being used as storage containers in plain view? Think about how many people save boxes for packing and moving, taking things to car boot sales or delivering items to charity shops. Your branded boxes could be on display anywhere, acting as an advert and getting your company name in front of potential new customers.

You never know the journey your customised boxes could take, making them an extremely cost-effective marketing tool.

Branded boxes improve the customer experience

When people talk about experiences, isn’t it always the details they talk about? Complimentary champagne in the hotel room, attentive staff, embroidered napkins. How many people share pictures of coffee because the barista created a fancy pattern with the milk?

Nobody will pay much attention if your product arrives in a plain box. However, they will take notice if your product arrives in a beautifully customised box that is the perfect size for the product. It will make your company stand out from other companies who are packing their products in any old box they can get their hands on.

Show your customers you care about the details and think your products are special enough to deserve their own bespoke packaging.

Bespoke boxes show you are serious about business

If you want to grow your company and build a good reputation, the details matter. People want to buy from companies they trust. A bespoke cardboard box shows you’ve spent time choosing the perfect packaging for your products because you believe it’s worth doing things right. It shows you are serious about what you do.  

Custom cardboard boxes are an inexpensive way of showing that details matter to you. What’s the point of having brilliant products if you don’t care about how they are delivered?

Make a great impression from start to finish. Small actions go a long way toward building your credibility.

Start sending your products in style

Above are three fantastic reasons to swap your plain old boxes for beautifully customised, perfectly sized packaging. With Quickbox, creating custom boxes for your business couldn’t be easier.

Use our simple custom box calculator to get an instant quote. No minimum order, no long-term contracts, no catch. Just order what you need, when you need it. Easy.

Say goodbye to boring boxes and hello to personalised packaging.