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The Quickbox difference!

We are all unique.

No two people are the same.  Even identical twins are not identical, although they may look the same to the outside world.

So, in the competitive industry of corrugated cartons, what makes Quickbox unique, and what makes us stand out from the rest of the packaging pack?

What makes Quickbox Different?

Own Manufacturing

Well firstly, at Quickbox, we do our own manufacturing. This gives us the scope to make anything from small boxes up to large pallet boxes. With the machinery that we have on site, we specialise in large, heavy duty boxes. Unlike a lot of our competitors, we can produce many of these big boxes without any tooling costs. This saves our customers both time and money.

Response Times

Secondly, we pride ourselves in our response times to our customers. Our online calculator is easy to use and it’s possible to get a quote in under 30 seconds! Once you have your quote, we can move from quote to order, to production, to delivery in under 3 days. This makes us ideal for anyone in need of a quick turnaround!

Quickbox process

Short Run capabilities

Another unique benefit of our production set up is that we are perfectly positioned in the marketplace to help businesses with faster, smaller, regular deliveries. This is particularly helpful to customers who are short of storage space and can also free up cashflow, by not having to order large amounts of boxes and then sit on stock for months until they are used up.

Inhouse Design

Quickbox has its own inhouse design team. This service is extremely valuable to our clients as we can design custom made packaging. Not only does this provide the customer with made to measure boxes, but also cuts down on any unnecessary excess packaging, saving both money and the environment. I’m sure that you will agree this is a much better option than an off the shelf stock box. We also offer the client pre-production cad samples when requested. This is an invaluable service as it gives the customer complete piece of mind when they place their order, knowing that they have already checked and approved the prototype.

100 Years Experience

The team at Quickbox that has over 100 years of technical experience. This covers a vast array of areas from production, distribution, sales, design and customer services. A team that is unique, but also one that is in harmony with each other, making sure the customers journey from the original enquiry to the finished box delivery is awesome!


The Quickbox team are very passionate. We are always encouraged to think for ourselves and make our own decisions, knowing that we have the full backing of the team. We take pride in our work and care about our products. Finally, and probably most important of all, we look out for each other. We spend a lot of time together and make the working day as much fun and stress free as possible!

Quickbox Team

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