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Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

I am of an age where I can remember long hot summers and freezing cold winters. Praying for heavy snow so that we could be sent home from school early. Back then no-one had heard of the ozone layer, sustainability or global warming.

Nowadays we are all aware of the damage that we have caused to the planet, and we must play our part to try and put right our mistakes.

So, you may ask, what are Quickbox doing to help?

What are Quickbox doing about sustainability?

Paper Tape

At Quickbox all our packaging is sustainable and fully recyclable. We have removed all our plastic tape from our website and now only offer paper tape. This means that when our customers use our tape on their boxes, they can be assured that the whole pack is fully recyclable.

Responsible Sourcing

Our raw material is only sourced from companies that have FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification, a company who have over 25 years of experience in sustainable forest management. It is said that the average American uses six trees worth of paper a year (that is a lot of trees), so the FSC harnesses market demands to ensure that forests are responsibly managed. FSC is endorsed by WWF, Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Natural Resources Defence Council and National Wildlife Federation. Today, more than 550 million acres of forest are certified under FSC’s system, including 155 million acres in the US and Canada.

Glue not Staples

We have also stopped using metal stitching staples on boxes and only use glue. We have found, from numerous orders and customer feedback, that the glue is as strong on the box joint as metal staples. In addition to this, you don’t run the risk of product damage with a glue seam. Metal staples can scratch the product if they aren’t formed properly. But most importantly, glued boxes are fully recyclable whereas stitched boxes are not.

Electric Vehicles

Finally, Quickbox now run 4 electric vehicles. This helps towards a cleaner environment as they emit fewer greenhouse gases and air pollutants than petrol or diesel cars. It also helps reduce noise pollution.

In Conclusion

I don’t think we will be seeing our good, old-fashioned seasonal weather anytime soon, but as you can see from the above, Quickbox are fully committed to playing our part in sustainability to try and redress the balance.

It’s the small changes we make today that will make the difference tomorrow!

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